About Me

I’m a maker, a project manager, a marketer, and a self-proclaimed Pinterest nerd with a passion for seeing Creatives succeed.

I’m Rachel Nelson

Around six years ago my first creative inspiration, my mom, and I hopped online and created a sewing blog. It has gone in multiple directions, grown, sat quiet and waited during certain times of life, been fulfilling and exhausting. But it has given me one huge gift. It has immersed me in a community of makers and creatives. You.

I’m inspired daily by women building the thing that fills them up. Whether you’re building your business from first apartments, during babies naps, from retirement or all the places in between. Ya’ll are inspiring. And I want you to win at it.

I also spent those years freelancing for a great entrepreneur and learning the ins and outs of SEO, website design, ideal customers, and the changing faces of social media.

I know how deep and time consuming even one of those things can be to get right. Which is why I want to help you crush it at one platform I think is key to a Creative’s business (though it’s possible I’m a bit biased).

Give yourself time to focus on your product! Let me help you promote it.

My Skills

I work for individuals & small companies, optimizing SEO for Pinterest, setting up schedulers, and maintaining monthly pinning. Sometimes I even help companies build their marketing funnel and make the most of their Pinterest traffic.

Creatives make the space we’re in better. The World needs more of your ideas. Help them find you.

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