You are ready to up your Pinterest game.

Pinterest is an amazing place for Creatives to promote their businesses, courses, and products. Millions of people log in every day to learn something new or discover a thing they don’t even know they need in their life yet.

You should be there to meet them. You have the thing they want to make, learn, or own.

Chances are you know this.

But man- you’ve got a lot of other things on your list today too. The list is longer than the day and at the end of it you have tasks that just keeping getting assigned new due dates and shuffled to tomorrows. Keeping an active and daily presence on Pinterest may feel overwhelming.

What’s a Creative to do?

What’s a Creative to do?

Promise yourself tomorrow will be the day you start? Pin wildly for a week and then stop again while the next thing gets managed? Probably if you’ve landed here looking for Pinterest help you have tried these options.

The reality is Pinterest is a powerful discovery tool your potential customers are hanging out on. And Pinterest rewards regular daily pinning and engagement.

A Pinterest manager can be the member of your team that has you covered. When you have someone you trust will represent your brand and product you can relax (or let’s face it hit the rest that to-do list) while traffic to your site continues to grow.

What does a Pinterest Manager handle exactly?

A full-service maintenance plan means you have someone staying on top of best practices, terms of services, and the latest strategies. It means you don’t have to ping-pong through the “tips and tricks” trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t.

A manager┬ápins daily for you, optimizing your profile and content to reach your clients. So your clients can get to your site and discover what you’ve been waiting to share with them.

Then they’ll dive into the analytics for you and show you what is working, where the traffic is going, and how you can use that to further grow your business and improve your site.

I just can’t get started……

What if I do it wrong? When I have time to do it perfectly….. I’m just too busy, but next….. I just need to launch/write/make/create this thing first……

If you want to handle the day-to-day pinning but you find yourself smack in the middle of an “I’ll get done next when it can be perfect and I can learn all the things” cycle let me help you out.

A Pinterest manager can also get your profile set up and ready for you to go with a report on how to take the next steps.

What next?

Ready to see if getting Pinterest help is right for you? Hop over to see if the service feels like a fit for you.