New Feature Alert! This past week Pinterest has released a new feature Carousel pins.

What is a Carousel Pin?

Carousel pins allow you to stack images. Pinning multiple pins in a stack. Much like how other platforms like Instagram allow you to share multiple images in a post.

The cool thing? These pins can each have their own description and URL.

There are so many potential uses for these style of pins. Here are five ways that Creatives can utilize this new feature to their advantage. But first, let’s go through the tutorial on how to add them!

How to Create a Carousel Pin

Navigate to your Pinterest profile. Click on the red plus sign in the top right corner. You’ll see a drop down.

Your options will be: Create a pin, Create carousel, Create ad

Click Create carousel

How to Create a Carousel Pin

You will get a screen that looks like this.

How to Create a Carousel Pin

Drag and drop your image as you normally would. Add your Title, URL, and Description, Choose a Board.

If you want to have the same text on all of your pins select “Apply text to all”.

How to Create a Carousel Pin

When you’ve added your first pin click the arrow on the bottom of the pin to toggle to your second pin. Repeat the process.

How to Create a carousel pin

You can add up to three pins. 

Bonus Tips and Tricks

  • Your images should all be the same size/orientation. If you try to upload an image that is oriented differently (landscape vs portrait) it will zoom and crop your image to force it into the same sizing.
  • You CAN NOT edit these pins once they are published. Double check before you hit save.
  • If you have selected “Apply text to all” any changes or selections you make on later pins will affect the pins before it.

Want to see a Carousel pin in action? You can see the two pin carousel for this post here.

What multiple image pin will you create first?

How to Create a carousel pin