Why would you want to create a Pin on Pinterest?

Most of the time when we use Pinterest we are pinning from a browser extension, a social media share option, or saving a pin already on the platform. So you may be wondering- why would I ever need to create a pin on Pinterest anyway?

There are a number of reasons! Most often I find the reason is the URL you want to pin doesn’t have an image you want to pin.

There might be images there that just aren’t the right size, you may be pinning a video, or the images don’t work as a pin that screams CLICK ME! Or maybe you are testing multiple pin images and you don’t want ALL the images on your post or landing page. Maybe the pin style that is working best looks off brand.

Shop or Etsy listings are often not well formatted for pinning- or you don’t want the text overlay that works well for a pin in your listing images.

In any of these situations, you are going to create a pin directly on Pinterest.

How do I create a Pin on Pinterest?

Step 1- you’re gonna need a Pin image. Pinterest recommends a 2 x 3 ratio for Pins with a minimum of 600 x 900 being the preferred sizing. There are a number of user-friendly platforms to create Pins. I most often use Canva and PicMonkey.

If you are looking for more Pin design inspiration and information you can look here. 

Once you have your image log in to your Pinterest account.

On your profile select the section that say “pins”. You’ll see a red plus in the first square. Go ahead and click it.

How do I create a Pin on Pinterest

It will open up the Pin Builder.

How do I create a Pin on Pinterest

On the Pin builder you will drag in your newly created pin where you see the camera. Then fill out your information to the right. This includes a description of the pin and the URL you want it to direct to. DON’T FORGET THE URL. If you save it without a URL it will only open up the image and you will not get any traffic.

Way up at the top you’ll see, Add a Title. This is a newer feature only available when you create a pin like this. I’m still testing it, but early signs show it could be another great spot to take advantage of SEO.

Choose the board you want your pin to go to, and Click the red save button in the upper right.

You’ve created a pin. Congrats!