Pinterest recently rolled out carousel pins to our feed. A carousel pin allows you to stack multiple pins. A user can swipe through 2-5 images you’ve stacked together. They’re still brand new so if you are thinking about testing them out here are five different ways a creative business owner can best use carousel pins.

(Don’t know how to add this kind of pin to your account yet? You can check out the tutorial here.)

Pin Idea 1: Zoom in

Lifestyle shots work great on Pinterest but you can’t always show off delicate or intricate details. Use your additional images to zoom in and show off the hard to see details.

5 ways to use carousel pins

Pin Idea 2: Show the backside (or the bottom…..or the side view)

You’ve got a chance to show a more 360 view of your product. Multiple views may be enough to sell your audience before they even get to your site.

5 ways to use carousel pins

Pin Idea 3: Show the options (different styles)

If you make something in more than one color or with different options this is your chance to show a couple of variations while you have the audience. If a sewing pattern can be made in a denim or printed cotton this is your chance to say, check out both!

We’ve all heard people say things like I didn’t think I needed it BUT THEN I saw this other version. Maybe the first image grabs their attention, giving other variations might be what convinces them they need it.

Pin Idea 4: Create a mini course

Carousel pins have the unique advantage that they can all be different. Different descriptions, images, titles, AND URLs. This means you could try creating a mini-course. Put together your 3 most popular tutorials or the three posts you need to get started sewing, knitting, painting, etc.

Hosted a sew-a-long for your pattern? Link the posts together.

Look at it as creating a resource for pinners.

5 ways to use carousel pins

Pin Idea 5: Show the process

Invite your audience in to see the process. You can share in-process shots along with your end product. People enjoy seeing makers space, and inspirations. Can you share your raw products or workspace? Many pinners are finding you for the first time. These are quick relationship builders.

5 ways to use carousel pins

Bottom line

It may take some testing to see what your audience responds to, but this is a great new tool to add to your belt.

I would love to hear from you, what is your favorite way to utilize the carousel pin feature?

5 ways to use carousel pins