Hi, I’m Rachel

A Pinterest Manager

Pro Pinner

I boost the performance of Pinterest for Creative Business Owners. I help makers and creatives get found on Pinterest. 


New Pinterest Profile

You’re ready to show up to the party. 

Pinterest Profile Update

You want it to work and look great. And you want it handled for you.


Pinterest Profile Report

You want to do this yourself. You just need to know what to do.

Tailwind Set Up

Work smarter not harder. Make sure you’re using this tool to its fullest. 

Monthly Maintenance

Pinterest wants you to pin daily and regularly. You need someone you can trust to take the reins. 

Traffic Strategy

You’re getting clicks. Now what? Are you making the traffic count or are those potential readers and customers bouncing away as fast as they hit your site?

Make Your Pinterest a Priority.

I certainly will.

Pinning, Pinning, Pinning…..

You know you should be on Pinterest, but there are so many things grabbing your attention already.

Maybe you’re on Pinterest already, maybe you even pin, sometimes, stuff that looks cool….

Hey maybe you’re already killing it and you just need help while you grow to the next big thing in your business.

Good news you found help.

Things Change

Social media platforms change- sometimes it feels like daily. What worked yesterday may not work today. Keeping up with social media algorithms and best practices can feel like a full-time job. Want to stay on top of it all without hours of trying figure out what’s real and what’s not?

Drive More Traffic

You want Pinterest users to visit your site. To share your content. To get on your list, become fans, and customers.

You want to know what to do past crossing your fingers, throwing pins at the board and hoping they stick and convert.

Turn your pins into traffic, customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Rachel has a way of keeping things simple, and always delivering the easiest and most effective solution to a problem. She doesn't need to prove how much she knows by trying to show off with unnecessary, overly-complicated tricks and expensive tools.

Heidi DeCoux, CEO @ Clear Simple Marketing

Sometimes I write About Pinterest

5 ways to best use carousel pins

Pinterest recently rolled out carousel pins to our feed. A carousel pin allows you to stack multiple pins. A user can swipe through 2-5 images you've stacked together. They're still brand new so if you are thinking about testing them out here are five different ways a...

How do you add a Carousel Pin?

New Feature Alert! This past week Pinterest has released a new feature Carousel pins. What is a Carousel Pin? Carousel pins allow you to stack images. Pinning multiple pins in a stack. Much like how other platforms like Instagram allow you to share multiple images in...

What does a Pinterest Manager do – and do I really need one?

You are ready to up your Pinterest game. Pinterest is an amazing place for Creatives to promote their businesses, courses, and products. Millions of people log in every day to learn something new or discover a thing they don't even know they need in their life yet....

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